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This one day concept creation project was set by Simon Waterfall.

Envision an interface that utilises object recognition, giving consumers more information about the products that they see. A seamless operation is at the centre, minimizing the barriers to the user experience.

The user has the ability to choose a product whilst enjoying a TV program. Utilising object recognition software, a database of information on the product can be relayed back to the user. This information displays as a drop down menu which the user could customise, and would include price similar products , ethical credentials and share options.

The service will also allow viewers to buy the products they are watching instantly, it has the ability to remember both where ou would like your items delivered and your payment details, creating a seamless purchasing experience. In addition, an important part of the concept is the ability to instantly share information that you find with your friends. People are much more likely to trust the opinions and suggestions of friends. People are much more likely to trust the opinions and suggestions of friends than those of advertising.

This already exists in basic form. Just look at ASOS, Shazaam, Pixazza and Facebook face recognition. This is all just round the corner.

And what could this unlock? A more informed society, more transparent business, more empowered consumers, a social, enjoyable shopping experience, the opportunity for business’s to gain trust from their customers, as well as the customers becoming more influential and feeling truly empowered.


As part of Public House we received a brief from Made By Many and Good For Nothing: together they created 50/50, a collaborative platform that showcases 50 digital projects created and run by individuals and teams of makers. The project’s aim is to activate a “network of supporters to help spread the word and generate as much money for famine aid as possible.”

Our own response to this was to launch the Facebook Famine. With awareness of the crisis in East Africa being notably poor, we saw the campaign as an opportunity to create widespread awareness by helping people to appreciate the contrast in lives across the world and their ability to help by leveraging their influence.Essentially, participants will decide how long they want to “fast” for, make a donation via the 50/50 Campaign website, change their profile picture to the Facebook Famine logo, pledge their support and how much they’ve donated to their Facebook status and the Facebook Famine page. Once this is completed, participants will sign out of Facebook for the amount of time specified, save lives, raise awareness, etcetera.

Our thinking was that it can take a small act to change someone’s perspective, and something equally as little to start a movement. Through the power of social networks and collective identity, the campaign will enlighten people to the suffering of East Africa, while hopefully leveraging a significant amount of support to donate. At the same time, it helped to crystallise our values as an agency, introduce us to collaborators within the wider community and project who we are onto the wider world.

We are currently idea of the week, check us out and join the cause!

Umbro Music

A strategic piece for Umbro, exploring ways in which the brand can be associated to music in the same way that they are synonymous with football. In partnership with LOVE.

More details coming soon…

The Loop is a concept that we worked in partnership with Code ComputerLove. The idea was to allow people to support Greenpeace in a simpler, more engaging way. The Loop is a membership product that enables users to hear the real stories and voices of Greenpeace, allowing them to connect around issues as well as pledge their support to the wide range of topics that Greenpeace support.

Essentially, we wanted to create a community to allow Greenpeace to position themselves as heroes, rather than outlaws.

More coming soon…

Ask Betty

Ask Betty was a cheeky response to a brief set to us from Oxfam. The task set was to get guys to head to the online Oxfam store over the Christmas period. 

Our solution, Betty, your go to girl for ideal presents for your girlfriend/ mum/ sister to find that perfect gift with meaning. Seeking inspiration from their previous Archie the Goat campaign we created a character that would have its own personality and tone of voice over social media, with live web chats individually replying to men’s tweets requesting advice.

Our pitch to Oxfam was well received, and we are currently discussing how to bring Betty to life. More news coming soon…

At the moment I’m studying Interactive Media Design & Management at Hyper Island at their very first UK school outside Sweden. The experience to date has been amazing, and it’s clear to see that the work has been designed with notable industry collaborators to create highly employable agents of change.

Through working on live briefs we have a continuous connection with industry, and have produced work for brands including Google, McCann and Oxfam, as well as collaborating with Manchester based agencies LOVE, The Neighbourhood and CodeComputor Love.

Here at Hyper Island we believe the how is as important as the what. So, it’s really important for us to constantly learn, something we all want to bring into industry. To constantly develop and improve we think that openness is key and we achieve this through regular reflection and direct feedback. We learn through mistakes as much as success.

Want to learn more? Sure you do. Here’s Hyper Island on a wall for you…

Hyper Island On a Wall from Hyper Island on Vimeo.

And finally here’s a fun little video we made which gives you a little idea of the studio and what we’re all about. You can spot me (and my handwriting) at start…

Heading to the Island…

Hyper Island is an education centre that has been established in Sweden for the last 16 years, and more recently New York, specialising in technology, creative problem solving and strategy. This year, with the support of NESTA, they are bringing the school to Manchester and I’ve secured a scholarship, starting very soon.

It’s exciting, as I believe in this way of learning. Learning by doing on a path that has been created by major industry partners, including BBC, Sony and Saatchi & Saatchi amongst others. Real briefs and real work, without text books or teachers. I’m one of only twenty-five, and through the studio we’ll learn from each other. Fellow students all have solid ‘real world’ experience behind them ranging from graphic design to project management and everything in between.

Want to find out more? Sure you do:

Hyper Island arrives in Manchester from Hyper Island UK on Vimeo.

It goes without saying that I’m pretty lucky to be offered such a remarkable opportunity. It also goes without saying that I wouldn’t be in this position without my work at FutureGov, where I’ll still be working on a part-time basis. I’ve known for a while that Dom and Carrie are fascinated by this type of training – graduate schemes that create flexible, intuitive, collaborative innovators, rather than the next version of the existing.

You, you lucky people, can follow my journey right here, where I’ll be pulling in projects I’m working on, lessons I’m learning, things I’m thinking and the stuff I’m doing. In  addition there are a few FutureGov projects bubbling away that I’ll be part of, as well as coming back to London for this, which I’m rather looking forward to.

So suitcase packed I’m ready to go. A new adventure ey? Wish me luck…

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