Happy New Year!

Most years the beginning of a new year has an almost groundhog day feel for me. Fuelled by New Year optimism I go on a resolution rampage. I’m going to stop eating entire packets of digestives. I’m going to pick up the violin. I’m going to learn French.

However this year does mark something different for me. Not in terms of resolutions, no doubt those featured above will almost certainly be on my 2011 list. It is the first year where I haven’t been a student. So instead of making resolutions (I’ve accepted that i just can’t do them) I’ve put some thought into hopes and goals for this year…

– work hard
– be inspired
– bake a cake for mps10

Ok, so their brief, but I think if I stick to them i can’t go far wrong. I’m really enjoying all the work I’m involved with in the new year and my main aim is to make to make the most of things and make a positive difference. This may be newbie enthusiasm talking, but it feels like its going to be a great year!

Happy New Year!


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