Did you miss me?

Well, I’m guessing the world hasn’t noticed the hush hush on the blog, as I’ve been super busy with all my FutureGov work and the like. However I’ve had some interesting thoughts – or at least thoughts on some interesting things – and decided it would be useful to resurrect the blog for some personal thinking, reflection and randomness.

So, I thought my first post of 2011 could start with a few new years resolutions. A little late, you might say, but it’s taken me a while for me to come round to the idea. Mainly due to the fact that I’m not the biggest fan of them, or January for that matter. I have a firm belief that the new year should be changed to September, when I feel a little warmer and a lot wealthier. Plus September has that ‘new term’ feel without the misery of us all suffering festive exile. Alas, no one seems to be listening, so here goes:


1. Read more

I’ve always loved reading – but I definitely don’t do it nearly enough. There are so many blogs from wonderful people in the world of creative problem solving that I want to learn from, comment on and most importantly keep on top off. I also want to read more novels, stuff that I should have read years ago. I flirted with the idea of a Kindle but I’m just too much of a romantic (lame, I know). So it’s time to hit Amazon/ the library and make use of my commute. Any suggestions re: books I need to read before I die/ blogs that I should check daily would be a great help.

2. Write more

I’ve kept a diary on and off since year six, (coincidently I was cleaning out my room the other day and found an entry from the lower school years entitled ‘Picked for the rounders first/ I am in love’. Deep.) but I’d like to have more personal reflections that have a little thinking about the before, the why and the after rather than just what happened to me that day. I’ll try to post some up here, along with my thoughts around the world that I work in. I’m hoping to do this once a week. Gulp.

3. Buy better

This particular resolution inspired by a blog post from @joesmithdesign. I’ll be honest. I buy a lot of clothes. This in itself, I am not so bothered about. Clothes? Lovely. What bothers me is that I often am tempted by the bright lights of quantity rather than quality. Why buy one dress when I can buy twenty (twenty!) from various high street shops. I used to pride myself on how cheap I could put an item together, a skill I cracked through the university years. But I’m stating to realise that 1) quite frankly, I just don’t need those twenty (twenty!) dresses 2) these purchases have the life span similar to a loaf of bread. Buy less, but better.

4. Etc.

Etc. covers the following resolutions that I make every year: move more, learn french, pick the violin back up, visit Berlin, visit San Francisco, see more of my extended family (including old university housemates), eat better, become new X Factor judge, marry Alan Rickman.

Less self-indulgent posts to follow.


3 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Hey – you can come clothes shopping with me – I am rubbish at buying anything, cheap or expensive. (need some better shops in King’s Cross…)

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