Introducing project Print10

Around a month ago, I was part of a team that brought Local by Social to Blackburn with Darwen Council. The idea behind this was to bring together innovators, forward thinking local government people and active residents and community leaders to have a new think about how the web could help them solve, or even better create, new ways to deliver services specifically to the local area.

The day itself was wonderful, and you can browse my full write-up of things here, but this is a quick post to introduce you to the idea I worked on in the afternoon with my team. Say hello to Print10!

Recently there has been heated debate surrounding cuts to council magazine funding. Print10 is a service that aims to fill that space in (hopefully) a collaborative and creative way, recognising that publications still offer a wealth of information that people might not manage to access if allowed to simply disappear. We don’t think sticking it all online is the answer, but we just might think the web could help with both design and delivery. We also think it’s vital to work with a council on all of the above. You can have a peep at our initial *cough: winning* presentation below:

We’re keen to get this moving, and already have a start up project team from local government, the voluntary sector, community leadership and web development that all believe in the idea. You can get involved by visiting the googlesite here, or, if you’d like to chat about all of this in more detail over a coffee, let me know. Contact me in the usual way, below or over here.


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