At the moment I’m studying Interactive Media Design & Management at Hyper Island at their very first UK school outside Sweden. The experience to date has been amazing, and it’s clear to see that the work has been designed with notable industry collaborators to create highly employable agents of change.

Through working on live briefs we have a continuous connection with industry, and have produced work for brands including Google, McCann and Oxfam, as well as collaborating with Manchester based agencies LOVE, The Neighbourhood and CodeComputor Love.

Here at Hyper Island we believe the how is as important as the what. So, it’s really important for us to constantly learn, something we all want to bring into industry. To constantly develop and improve we think that openness is key and we achieve this through regular reflection and direct feedback. We learn through mistakes as much as success.

Want to learn more? Sure you do. Here’s Hyper Island on a wall for you…

Hyper Island On a Wall from Hyper Island on Vimeo.

And finally here’s a fun little video we made which gives you a little idea of the studio and what we’re all about. You can spot me (and my handwriting) at start…


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