This one day concept creation project was set by Simon Waterfall.

Envision an interface that utilises object recognition, giving consumers more information about the products that they see. A seamless operation is at the centre, minimizing the barriers to the user experience.

The user has the ability to choose a product whilst enjoying a TV program. Utilising object recognition software, a database of information on the product can be relayed back to the user. This information displays as a drop down menu which the user could customise, and would include price similar products , ethical credentials and share options.

The service will also allow viewers to buy the products they are watching instantly, it has the ability to remember both where ou would like your items delivered and your payment details, creating a seamless purchasing experience. In addition, an important part of the concept is the ability to instantly share information that you find with your friends. People are much more likely to trust the opinions and suggestions of friends. People are much more likely to trust the opinions and suggestions of friends than those of advertising.

This already exists in basic form. Just look at ASOS, Shazaam, Pixazza and Facebook face recognition. This is all just round the corner.

And what could this unlock? A more informed society, more transparent business, more empowered consumers, a social, enjoyable shopping experience, the opportunity for business’s to gain trust from their customers, as well as the customers becoming more influential and feeling truly empowered.


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