As part of Public House we received a brief from Made By Many and Good For Nothing: together they created 50/50, a collaborative platform that showcases 50 digital projects created and run by individuals and teams of makers. The project’s aim is to activate a “network of supporters to help spread the word and generate as much money for famine aid as possible.”

Our own response to this was to launch the Facebook Famine. With awareness of the crisis in East Africa being notably poor, we saw the campaign as an opportunity to create widespread awareness by helping people to appreciate the contrast in lives across the world and their ability to help by leveraging their influence.Essentially, participants will decide how long they want to “fast” for, make a donation via the 50/50 Campaign website, change their profile picture to the Facebook Famine logo, pledge their support and how much they’ve donated to their Facebook status and the Facebook Famine page. Once this is completed, participants will sign out of Facebook for the amount of time specified, save lives, raise awareness, etcetera.

Our thinking was that it can take a small act to change someone’s perspective, and something equally as little to start a movement. Through the power of social networks and collective identity, the campaign will enlighten people to the suffering of East Africa, while hopefully leveraging a significant amount of support to donate. At the same time, it helped to crystallise our values as an agency, introduce us to collaborators within the wider community and project who we are onto the wider world.

We are currently idea of the week, check us out and join the cause! 5050.gd


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