Heading to the Island…

Hyper Island is an education centre that has been established in Sweden for the last 16 years, and more recently New York, specialising in technology, creative problem solving and strategy. This year, with the support of NESTA, they are bringing the school to Manchester and I’ve secured a scholarship, starting very soon.

It’s exciting, as I believe in this way of learning. Learning by doing on a path that has been created by major industry partners, including BBC, Sony and Saatchi & Saatchi amongst others. Real briefs and real work, without text books or teachers. I’m one of only twenty-five, and through the studio we’ll learn from each other. Fellow students all have solid ‘real world’ experience behind them ranging from graphic design to project management and everything in between.

Want to find out more? Sure you do:

Hyper Island arrives in Manchester from Hyper Island UK on Vimeo.

It goes without saying that I’m pretty lucky to be offered such a remarkable opportunity. It also goes without saying that I wouldn’t be in this position without my work at FutureGov, where I’ll still be working on a part-time basis. I’ve known for a while that Dom and Carrie are fascinated by this type of training – graduate schemes that create flexible, intuitive, collaborative innovators, rather than the next version of the existing.

You, you lucky people, can follow my journey right here, where I’ll be pulling in projects I’m working on, lessons I’m learning, things I’m thinking and the stuff I’m doing. In  addition there are a few FutureGov projects bubbling away that I’ll be part of, as well as coming back to London for this, which I’m rather looking forward to.

So suitcase packed I’m ready to go. A new adventure ey? Wish me luck…


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